Benefits of Managed IT Services – Security

Benefits of Managed IT Services – Security

We’ve already discussed security previously, but it’s such a vital benefit of Managed IT Services that we wanted to discuss it in further detail.

First, it’s important to consider the alternative. The break-fix model approach to security is to rely on the company’s current IT infrastructure. This reliance on end users is problematic, as it assumes that people in sales, customer service, accounting, etc. all have the necessary tech-savviness to keep the network secure. As a reminder, 81 percent of organizations claim that negligent or careless employees are the top risk to endpoint security (Continuum).

There are a number of vulnerabilities within networks that are simply more likely to be an issue without proper protocols in place. Email phishing scams, internet browsing habits, downloading files from unfamiliar sources, unsecured data, or even just not running regular software updates are some of the most common issues that pop up when a company employs a break-fix approach to their IT management. Many times, an issue isn’t caught until the damage has already been done. Cybersecurity Insiders tell us that, on average, it takes over 200 days for a company to detect a data breach. Needless to say, 200 days with compromised business and customer data can leave a lasting impact.

Now, the Managed IT Services approach seeks to minimize these liabilities. With proactive network monitoring, as well as regular software updates and data backup, your company is less likely to suffer from the consequences of a cyber security attack or hardware failure. Rather than relying on your team to be diligent about applying industry best practices, you have a team of highly-trained IT support staff proactively working on your behalf. Our entire focus is on monitoring and maintaining your company’s IT infrastructure. Outsourcing the management of your IT infrastructure allows your team to focus on their primary responsibilities, while also ensuring you get the technical expertise needed in today’s quickly evolving tech landscape.

In the event that your office is hit by a ransomware attack, our proactive approach to maintaining backups of your data ensures that your office can minimize downtime. Without Managed IT Services, most companies don’t regularly check their data backup plans. Thus, they are more likely to suffer negative consequences if any of their data is compromised by failing hardware or cybersecurity threats. Our expertise and focus on this core aspect of your business provides you peace of mind, knowing that you have plans in place if any of these common issues arise.

All in all, it’s clear that if you’re serious about ensuring your network’s security, the IT Managed Services route is likely the best option for your business. Rather than hoping your team intuitively knows how to maintain and troubleshoot issues within your network, you may want to evaluate how a Managed Services approach can help.